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  • No harassment of other people that may affect their real life. (ie. don’t contact their irl friends that you don’t know)
  • No posting any private communications of users without express permission. (includes bringing irl private information about a poster or their past trauma in an attempt to harass them and make the private information publicly known)
  • No posting user nudity without that user's direct consent. (ie. if they posted it 5 years ago, that is not consent)
  • No spamming the forum. (includes excessive use of slurs, filing fake reports, and making Rule 7 polls for fake reasons)
  • No excessive abuse or hate speech towards any users. (using racial or gender-based slurs directed against a poster that it applies to in a harassing way is not allowed)
  • Don't impersonate another person, regardless of whether they're a current poster or not (including irl people from their lives). An exception to this is if you have received express permission from the poster.
Rule 7:
  • If you are being a constant annoyance to the forum, making it an unfun place for other posters, being overly racist or homophobic, constantly creating unneeded drama where there was none before, etc a public poll may be created to see if you are to be temporarily banished to Forum19. This is for when the poster is not necessarily breaking the rules, but they are finding a way around it or the forum has had enough and wants to take the matter into their own hands. It should be used sparingly.
  • Any user, when they have had enough, may create a Rule 7 thread calling out the accused, adding a Yes or No poll whether they should be banned. If 60%+ of the forum votes Yes, the accused will be banished to Forum19.
  • The first offense is 1 week, then 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, then it's a permaban. If you have been on good behavior for a long period of time, the length of your future bans may decrease.
  • If a Rule 7 poll fails, the accused is not banned but receives a warning on their account for future reference (as long as the staff believes the reason for the poll was valid). There is a 5 day grace period between polls/ban before another poll can be made.
  • Breaking the rules will result in a warning and/or a 24 hour ban. Further disregard for the rules will increase the length of time for the punishment.
  • More severe/repeated violations may be further discussed by the mods/admins after the initial 24 hour ban. They will be on a case-per-case basis, the punishment may differ between members due to intent, previous bans, etc.

If you think you are being treated unfairly, message Vassago. But remember, life isn’t fair and it’s impossible to make all situations fair for everyone all the time.

Postology Staff:



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