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    • Liz aka woozle is one of our most experienced posters, having graced us with witty banter and Simpsons references for over a decade. Her great rep ratio can be attributed to her artistic talent, selfies, and being the second member of Postology to contribute to the Pomeranian Boom of 2018. She is the first member to achieve MotM two months consecutively. Liz is loved by many posters and feared by all - under her friendly demeanor, she is capable of destroying a poster with a single post. Here’s to Liz. We ch-ch-choose you.

    • Congratulations to woozle our new Member of the month for November - 2018. woozle first registered with this community 02/11/2015 06:11 AM, 1376 days ago. Here is some more information about woozle:

      9411 6.84

      woozle has also received 5870 reputation points for outstanding contributions to this community. Right now woozle appears offline, but was last logged in around .

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