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    • Squire first began his posting career on the AOL message boards in 1999 when he was a mere 48 years old. A pioneer of the internet, he has been accredited with discovering and mentoring famous posters such as targetaudience, unique-layouts, and bodybuilding.com's zyzz. When asked about his favorite posting memory, squire stated "I remember in August of 2005 a bunch of AS elites were invited to a party in Timo's basement. We all did acid and I even ate out stonesgurl. It was a pretty epic night." We all love squire for his eclectic collection of life experiences and willingness to share them with us. Like that weird uncle that always talks about the Harley in his garage but never rides it. Notably, squire always participates in the food comps and is a real sport in all other aspects. Thanks bud, keep up the great work.

    • Congratulations to Asmodeus our new Member of the month for May - 2019. Asmodeus first registered with this community 12/24/2018 08:49 PM, 153 days ago. Here is some more information about Asmodeus:

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      Asmodeus has also received 3866 reputation points for outstanding contributions to this community. Right now Asmodeus appears offline, but was last logged in around .

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