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    • What can we say about Beans? She's a clay creator, a food delivery expert, and she's always online. Like the nosy neighbor that you actually like to have around - she knows what you're doing, she's read every thread and knows the member index inside and out. We can always count on Beans for an adorable selfie or cat pic and a few good posts thrown in too. Here's to the past ten years and a whole lot more.

    • Congratulations to Beans our new Member of the month for April - 2018. Beans first registered with this community 02/11/2015 11:24 PM, 1165 days ago. Here is some more information about Beans:

      33861 29.07

      Beans has also received 15988 reputation points for outstanding contributions to this community. Right now Beans appears offline, but was last logged in around .

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    • or perhaps an option for sorting by reputation count
    • is there a way to make display content with >0 reputation instead of all? http://www.postology.ca/profile/username/content/
    • oh neat it was basically that except it was just the actual posts with the reputation summed up instead of each reaction received
    • The closest thing I know of to that is when you go to your profile, and click on the large block labeled "Community Reputation" and on the resulting page, click "Posts" under the heading "Forums" and it will show you all of the posts of yours that have received reactions as well as all of the post to which you have reacted.
    • @MarkFL there used to be an option on your profile where you could view your upvoted posts is there a way this could be restored? it went away with one of the updates, but i miss that
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