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  1. help I need support

    im here for you
  2. m Alpha jsyk

  3. iPhone Safari

    sometimes you gotta tap it just right like you mean it    nigga knows
  4. Ignoring a shitty user

    im about to send u a fuckin email gaylube lol   can u please fix my ignore list!   @[member="GayLubeOil"]
  5. Ignoring a shitty user

    i cleared cookies, changed browsers... wat else
  6. Ignoring a shitty user

    having this prob when i try to edit my ignore pref:  
  7. Postology XXXclusive

    i like my version better tbh
  8. Postology XXXclusive

    nice guy petunia
  9. Postology XXXclusive

    wat u wana see tits thru my eyes for?
  10. Postology XXXclusive

    took long enough to get this goin..
  11. best 64 bit browser

    windows 7 - blue moon suggestions?
  12. Emoji Codes

  13. uhhhh

    ur a real poster too, don't feel down slightly whipped but it suits u