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  1. Feels good to be here

  2. ugh i monitor that for signs of suspicious accounts
  3. flip the tater, masturbater

  4. Ignoring a shitty user

    is there a way 2 stop certain ppl from seeing my posts? probs not eh i suppose it could be abused but damn id sure use it
  5. why does the weather blow for me? why does the weather grow the tree?

  6. Postology XXXclusive

    no vassagos
  7. Postology XXXclusive

    i wish i had a user award of my face
  8. Postology XXXclusive

    i keep thinking i have ders name highlighted n i go to click it off its not even the right color y i gotta be retarded
  9. Postology XXXclusive

    im coming im coming
  10. Postology XXXclusive

    well wait who viewed topics of the past or is it starting now cuz i mean i may select what i read more carefully now but wat can i do about the past huh
  11. Postology XXXclusive

    a few of the postology women should create a nice little vip nudie package sure it could be shared by why share what u paid for babby?
  12. bulbous alien dv

  13. bulbous alien dv

  14. i think i have a drinking problem

    @@suckaemcees, now i have even more reason to never leave the house
  15. make a wish on a fish

  16. shall we make a chart for all the beer cans in the lightbulbs or do we just hum a little ditty for the orangutan people?

  17. makin that easy cake on the highway just givin it up dandilion style, thanks, smokelips.